The story of

The history of Quercy des îles started at the beginning of the twenty-first century in the Moissac hills.

Edouard Bourreau was trained as a carpenter and went on to become a newspaper publisher. He left this hectic job filled with travel and meetings to start a new, quiet life in the heart of the Tarn-et-Garonne.

Here he discovered the golden pearl, the famous fruit born in the Quercy soil : The Chasselas de Moissac grape.

A passionate foodie and wine connoisseur, Edouard Bourreau turned his creative talents towards blending together rare and precious ingredients. Starting with a small 20 litre wine press and after having tested a thousand and one recipes, Édouard mixed 4 ingredients each coming from a sublime corner of the francophone world, all natural and all designated AOP – the golden Quercy Chasselas de Moissac grapes, flamboyant rum from Martinique, exquisite Tahitian vanilla and Espelette pepper from the hot-blooded Basque Country.

Édouard Bourreau could never have imagined that he had just invented a drink that would become a staple aperitif in south-west France, an innovative recipe kept secret even today, whose mixture of flavours and aromas are now known as Quercy des îles.

Edouard quickly put together a group of friends and wound up with no less than 31 associates ! He himself managed the sales and development of his creation.

From 2010 twenty thousand bottles were sold, mostly in short food supply chains (farmers markets, local fairs etc) and speciality shops : local Quercy and neighbouring regional boutiques, at wine sellers, gourmet food shops and in bars and restaurants.
By 2015 the output grew to thirty thousand bottles sold, a great success for its founder who decided at that point to hand over the reins with the hope of expanding the business.

On May 31, 2016 Édouard officially turned his home-grown business over to its new owners. He continued to work for a year to insure that the transition ran smoothly and that the secrets of his recipe were fully understood.

At the end of 2016, Quercy des îles moved its base to Le Bousquet, in Montaigu-de-Quercy (30 kilometres north of Moissac). A new chapter begins!



A cabinetmaker by training, he left his tumultuous life as a press boss made of travels and meetings, to settle in the heart of the Tarn-et-Garonne and enjoy quieter days.