An artisanal aperitif, Quercy des îles transports you to an exotic paradise infused with gold and amber.

Quercy des îles has its origins in four sublime locales. Its certified, 100% French ingredients give it a unique, refined taste.

Eighteen months in an oak barrel rounds off this potion with elegance and originality and unleashes its strong flavour. Quercy des îles is 16% ABV and is best drunk chilled (ideally at 7°C) either on its own or mixed in a cocktail. The intensity of the rum remains subtle and allows the fruity flavours, to be released without becoming too sweet.

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The punchy Espelette pepper, the red diamond from the Basque Country. It adds a crisp note to the palette and increases the finish.

The flamboyant Martinique rum : agricultural white rum made in the Gros-Morne distillery and shipped directly to France with 72% ABV.

Rare Tahitian vanilla, 100% fine, natural vanilla pods, without artificial colouring or flavour.

The Chasselas of Moissac table grape is officially recognised as part of France’s “intangible cultural heritage″.

During the autumn at harvest time, the Chasselas grape is pressed in our winery and then immediately soaked in rum. This halts the fermentation of the grape pulp.