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The Moissac Chasselas grape growing region covers the southern part of the Quercy. It straddles the northern area of the Tarn et Garonne and the southern portion of the Lot.

There are several theories surrounding the origin of the legendary and poetic name, “Quercy”. Some say it comes from the Latin word, “quercus” meaning oak. “The Quercy” thus derives its name from the abundant oak trees that cover the region. More likely, the Quercy gets its name from the Gallic clan called the “Cadurques” who occupied the territory. This ancient word could be translated as “those who live on the banks of a beautiful river”. Regardless of its roots, the word Quercy is for us a synonym for beautiful countryside, a gentle way of life and a rich and abundant terrain steeped in history and myth.

Moissac’s best Chasselas grapes are grown on the Quercy slopes and plains. The rocky soil gives a unique sweet flavour to the fruit. The fine, clear weather from spring up until the summer, means the sunshine shimmers on the rocks. This special light gives the Chasselas grapes their golden glow.

It is here in the heart of this exceptional region that the new Quercy des îles production site has been set up.

Did Quercy des îles chose the Quercy, or did the Quercy chose Quercy des îles? In a moment, we will tell you about the magical meeting that gave birth to this treasure.