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Quercy des îles is an artisanal aperitif created entirely by hand.

It takes nearly two years from the harvest of the Chasselas grape to the time this exceptional aperitif is bottled and enjoyed. For almost a decade, Quercy des îles has grown its own vines in a one-and-a-half hectare tract on the Domaine d’Edouard Bourreau in Moissac. In November 2018, we planted an additional acre and a half right next to our new warehouse in Montaigu-de-Quercy. Our team does everything, from trimming and maintaining the vines to gathering up the grapes. We do the annual September harvest ourselves guaranteeing you cream of the Chasselas crop!

The clusters of grapes are processed in our warehouse. The first stage involves separating out the stems and the seeds. To get the juice, the grapes are put into our hand-operated two-ton press. One hundred per cent pure Chasselas grape juice is blended with HSE rum from Martinique. This initial mixture goes through various processes and is then poured into one of our 156 oak barrels where it stays for 18 months. Vanilla from Tahiti and Espelette pepper are added in the final phase. The recipe is very precise and remains a well-guarded secret — an element that adds to its mystery and allure. Quercy des îles is meticulously filtered by hand before being bottled and manually corked. It is now ready to be savoured and enjoyed!

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